Essay on Enterprise Risk Management

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Enterprise / Operational Risk Management

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Enterprise risk management (ERM) is a relatively new discipline that focuses on identifying, analyzing, monitoring, and controlling all major risk classes (e.g., credit, market, liquidity, operational risk classes). Operational risk management (ORM) is a subset of ERM that focuses on identifying, analyzing, monitoring, and controlling operational risk. The purpose of this paper is to explain what enterprise risk management is and how operational risk management fits into the ERM framework. In our conclusion, we discuss what is likely to happen in the ERM / ORM environment over the next 5 years. Introduction As
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Magnitude of Problem The magnitude of loss and impact of operational risk and losses to date is difficult to ignore. Based on years of industry loss record-keeping from public sources, large operational risk-related financial services losses have averaged well in excess of $15 billion annually for the past 20 years, but this only reflects the large public and visible losses. Research has yielded nearly 100 individual relevant losses greater than $500 million each, and over 300 individual losses greater than $100 million each.1 Exhibit 2 is a listing of major operational losses. Interestingly enough, the majority of these losses have occurred in financial services, which explains the industry’s leading focus on operational risk management especially in the area of asset-liability modeling and treasury management models to manage risks in the highly volatile capital markets activity of derivative trading and speculation. The


Hoffman, Douglas G., Managing Operational Risk (New York: John Wiley & Sons, 2002), p. xxvi.


Top Operational Risk Losses Company Numerous Financial Institutions and Others BCCI Sumitomo Corporation Tokyo Shinkin Bank Banca Nazionale del Lavoro Daiwa Bank Barings Non-Financial Institutions: LTCM Texaco, Inc. Cendant Corporation Dow Corning St. Francis Assisi Foundation Mettlgesellschaft Owens Corning Fiber Glass Orange County Atlantic Richfield Kashima Oil Showa Shell Prudential Securities Drexel

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