Case Study Boston Scientific

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1.4 How should Trever gather feedback about your recommendation?
The enterprise cloud project management system is designed to tie in the whole organization for easy collaboration resulting in saved time and breakthrough ideas to differentiate Boston Scientific. To do this, feedback and recommendations will need to be gathered and assessed which is no easy task due to Boston Scientific’s organization size. We suggest starting to gather feedback about our recommendation by first asking the R&D teams open ended questions about the challenges and time consuming tasks they face with their current local project management process in Microsoft Project or hindrances in collaboration with other departments. This will delineate their issues and line
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Also, it would require changing the way department employees, especially project managers, carry out their tasks. This can be a huge issue as most employees do not want to change their working habits especially if the system works fine by their standards.

To remedy this, training programs will need to be established to smooth out the transition. This can include vendor supported videos, specialized in-house classes, and an internal support page. In the training programs, it is imperative to first cover the benefits of the system and why the change took place. This will ensure employee understanding, bringing everyone on the same page. Next, quick demonstrations or guided processes where the user is walked through each step will be shown through videos or other media related services currently used by Boston Scientific. Lastly, a support page will be established providing a detailed documentation for referential use. Changing current processes can lead to new system failures, however through consistent, helpful, and maintained support for the training programs mentioned above, the implementation will bring modern change and long term
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Many employees might not want to buy into the cloud baset management system because they 're too comfortable with the current system and are afraid of learning a new system because it might be a huge learning curve.
Firstly, the most important piece of getting everyone to buy into the new process is having a strong leadership who sees the need for a major change to the current system and to implement best practices such as organizational change management. Secondly, a strong leader will know the magnitude of change the project will entail and effectively communicate the impact to the employees about the benefits of the project management system. A strong leader will clearly communicate to their employees and clearly find out what key distractions employees might have and limit those distractions to keep employees focus on their jobs and on learning the new process. lastly, having a strong commitment from top management on the project is important because if there were disagreements that arise among a few lower managers than executives can step in and resolve any conflict that might cause disruption in the

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