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The following report mentions the profiles and the skill sets of some eminent and successful entrepreneurs of our country –

From the very beginning of his career, Mr RATAN TATA has been a RISK TAKER and a MAN OF IDEAS. Instead of working as a superior manager he has always preferred to work as a TEAM and this APPROACH AND VISIONARY has made him a LEADER who has today taken THE TATA GROUP to new heights. His RISK TAKING CAPABILITY has opened new doors and domains into his business and has helped THE TATA GROUP to wide spread the wings
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India’s YOUNGEST SELF – MADE Billionaire and a sharply intellectual mind, Mr SAMEER GEHLAUT has always been a MOTIVATOR for many young minds like him. He has always been a GOAL ORIENTED and a SELF MADE personality. Starting his own business at a very young age of 25 years i.e. just after his graduation in engineering from IIT, Delhi shows a RISK TAKER attitude and a strong mind-set to take FIRM DECISIONS. Always been an initiator and pioneer of the new businesses of its firm in the domains like real estate, power and many more shows his PASSIONATE NATURE. His idea of working and giving chance to young minds like him shows his belief in the YOUTH and welcoming of NEW IDEAS. Today holding a position of 45th richest businessmen in India and 962nd in the world shows his dynamically hardworking and motivated attitude towards his business. The key skill sets – 1. Leadership qualities – Born Leader 2. Passionate 3. Goal oriented 4. Opportunist 5. Risk taker 6. Initiator/pioneer 7. Understanding 8. Intellectual 9. Sharp minded
SACHIN BANSAL and BINNY BANSAL are the two names which are known for their INTELLECTUAL and INNOVATING THINKING. Both together have made their company a success story and have set a perfect example for young minds to take risks and meet fulfil their dreams. They are SELF CONFIDENT young folks who have WORKED HARD and at the same time WORKED SMART.

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