Enterpreneurship Essay example

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1.0 Introduction
Entrepreneurial skills and practices is one of the General Studies introduced in the curriculum for every undergraduate student in Osun state University regardless of the student’s course of study. The introduction of this course provides opportunity for the University to deliver on its vision and mission to students, national and international community. Specifically, the course help to challenge students to positively utilize the high quality teaching and learning experiences from other courses become entrepreneurial graduates capable of impacting on their environment while being globally competitive.
Ideally, entrepreneurship education should be an off shoot of all disciplines.
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3.0 Course philosophy and objectives
The course is expected to help student transform skills acquired from their major courses and other opportunities in their environment into business opportunities capable of generating self employment after graduation from Osun state University. Specifically the objectives of the course are to; i. Acquaint students with history of successful entrepreneur so as to develop the can do spirit in them ii. Guide students to identify marketable skills in their environment. iii. Develop Identified skills into Business ideas iv. Conduct feasibilities studies and writing feasibility report. v. Start and managing a business 4.0 Course contents
The concept and scope of entrepreneurship
The nature and forms of business ownership in entreneurship
Entreneurship in Nigeria: an overview
Mega-entrepreneurs: a prosopographical historical study of nigerian entrepreneurship, 1850-2000
Transnational corporations and the advent of modern business in Nigeria
Agricultural and rural entrepreneurial potentials of Nigeria
Rural enterprises
Cooperatives and enterprise development
Farm management
Snail production and farming
Entrepreneurial potentials in

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