Analysis On Real Estate: An Entrepreneurial Venture

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Real Estate: An Entrepreneurial Venture

Entrepreneurial spirit is common among real estate professionals. It is probably because, an individual gets to understand the business they love and enjoy the freedom of working with no limits. Since one can create a business model that suits their personal desires, manage their time and having their business niche. To be successful in a career such as a real estate person is just but the beginning of an entrepreneurial adventure. One must possess relevant skills acquired through continued education and experience in their career. Every sale requires proper marketing and excellent negotiation skills (Masters, 2006). When thinking about starting a real estate brokerage business; whether highly specialized
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In fact, research is quite important in finding the business niche. I have done some research to find out where most of condominium transactions were taking place near my home. There are no many single-family homes, so my decision would focus on condominium. Business competitive advantage There is no doubt that the real estate industry is a competitive venture. When the idea of selling people’s homes is brought about, it competitive nature among real estate firms springs, since people all over America have the choice of various agencies to approach. The majority of these firms have well-established name and bigger market share. My real estate firm will boasts various differentiating traits that will distinguish it from the competitors. This includes:
➢ Extensive experience: ability to manage large institutional real estate portfolios by introducing various real estate cycles
➢ Practical asset management strategy that I believe is critical to the success of the firm
➢ Alignment of interests with my clientele through collaborating and investing together with them in the investment

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