Entering High School : No Big Deal For Me Essay examples

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Entering high school was no big deal for me. I knew what to expect and how to handle a life filled with classes and out of school activities. It was similar to the one I experienced in middle school, so there was nothing to really sweat over. The big difference from those years before to high school were just the increased amount of work and faces. I also had a few friends which were a grade level above me, which made my freshmen year a walk in the park. They showed me what to do and what not do, also the people to look out for as a freshmen in high school. They were even helpful enough to explain to me where the different type of students often hung out. My friends basically provided me with a handbook for high school. My friends explained to me which teachers and administrators to look out for and which ones I needed to get to know. They also made it clear to make sure I befriend the lunch ladies because they were known to allow for free extras or give a larger amount to the students that interacted and talked to them and being an athlete you gotta make sure you eating the proper amount of food a day. The size of a normal school lunch was definitely not cutting it. So, it was necessary for me to make sure I did anything possible to get on the lunch ladies good side. On game day sometimes the lunch ladies would even make extra meals just for athletes to make sure they were getting enough to eat. Through out the school were scattered the several different social groups of…

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