Entering A Random Sequence Of Symbols Essay

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2. Entering a random sequence of symbols.
3. Double-slicking chimney icons in a determined sequence (from left to right).
They were divided into two groups in terms of feedback. The first one received feedback after every session, and the second one after every fourth session. There were 24 sessions in total. As expected it turned out that immediate feedback really is more effective. The first group performed higher across all 24 sessions.
Leitenberg (1968) carried out a different experiment to see if there would be any change in the behavior if except feedback, praise was also delivered. Participants with different kind of phobias were exposed to a phobic item and a stopwatch was given to them in order to record the time they can last. In the first phase with feedback alone, there were significant improvements, however, in the second phase, where praise was added no additional increase in the time was noted.
In another case Gaetani, Hoxeng, and Austin (1985) decided to measure the efficacy of feedback plus monetary incentives in the increase of daily productivity. In phase one feedback alone was quite effective, however adding financial incentives improved the worker`s productivity even more.
Only one study has been found that successfully measured the effects of feedback and reinforcement independently (Roscoe, E.M., Glover, A.C., and Volkert, V.M. (2006). That study by Wincze, Leitenberg, & Agras showed that reinforcement alone was effective, as for feedback it did not…

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