Essay Enter The Profession Of Social Work

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I have chosen to enter the profession of social work because I want to help people who are suffering from mental illness and who are underserviced when it comes to getting help for mental illnesses. By working with a distressed person to become better, not only will I be able to enhance their life, but also the community will transform into a more positive place. I view transformation as a ripple effect, where changing the situation for one person eventually causes a change in the majority. This is especially true when it comes to mental illness and the stigma that surrounds it. I have been highly involved in mental health work on my college campus since my sophomore year. I am one of the founding members of our Active Minds chapter, and have held the executive position of social media chair for two years. Through Active Minds, I have been able to promote acceptance of those with mental health problems, as well as work toward reducing the stigma by holding public forums and interactive meetings. I work to educate our online followers about the signs of certain mental illnesses as well as suicide, and provide campus and national resources for getting help. I was fortunately able to be a part of our campus Out of the Darkness Walk, where I was available to interact as a support system for people of all ages who have been affected by suicide in some way. Being able to present myself as a form of guidance to someone less fortunate than myself, who is struggling with things I…

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