Ensuring Quality Care For Health Care Essays

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Ensuring Quality Care Among the fast-paced changes that are constantly occurring in health care delivery, health care professionals continue to remain responsible for ensuring quality care throughout the client’s visit. Although it is difficult to measure, quality client care should be the goal of all inter-disciplinary health care team members. By making both short and long-term goals towards quality improvement, organizations can make great strides towards improving their quality of patient care. Catalano (2015) states that “the Institute of Medicine (IOM) defines quality as, “the degree to which health services for individuals and populations increase the likelihood of desired health outcomes and are consistent with current professional knowledge” (p. 376). The IOM outlines six key aspects for focusing on improving quality. These aspects consist of: safe care, effective care, patient-centered care, timely care, efficient care, and equitable care. Safe care should be maintained to avoid injury to the client; efficient care for providing care based on scientific knowledge; patient-centered care for providing respectful and responsive care that ensure that patients values guide clinical decisions; timely care for reducing waits for both clients and providers; efficient care for avoiding waste; equitable care for ensuring that the quality of care does not vary because of client’s characteristics (Catalano, 2015). “The Hospital Care Quality Information from the…

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