Ensr International Essay

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ENSR International

Which of the proposed solutions do you favour and why?

Of the 3 options provided, I would choose to implement Anderson’s key account program for several reasons: 1. It will help align employee compensation with overall corporate profit objectives. CSC managers are currently compensated based on their CSCs profit performance. This gives managers the incentives to employ their own CSC consultants on projects from the region, regardless if there are better-suited ENSR consultants working under different CSCs. Depending on the specific needs of a prospective client in the manager’s region, the CSC may or may not contain the necessary expertise to win a project. Implementing a key account program will allow the
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These are the service lines that produce the most profit for ENSR. It can therefore be assumed that these service lines have strong client demand, and thus it would be to ENSR’s advantage to gain experience, or even additional service offerings, in these services.

Are they getting “enough” of their ideal clients?

Total gross sales were $1M less than estimates (exhibit 1). Because the average value of a project is $30,000 [p.2], ENSR needed approximately 34 additional clients to meet their estimations.
Roughly 85% of the jobs performed in a given year came from a client that had hired ENSR within the previous several years [p.10]. It is clear how important maintaining strong relationships with a client can be for gaining contracts. 100 consultants (of the senior level) are spending half their time building relationships and finding new prospects, and yet ENSR is currently only winning 50% of its RFP bids [p.7]. ENSR is spending a great deal of resources obtaining clients, without enough return to support these expenditures.

What is the ideal client for a CSC Manager?

The ideal client for a CSC manager is a client with whom the CSC Manager has a strong relationship. When the client has had a very long relationship with its consultant, it is more likely to hire that consultant on for a sole source contract. These contracts require

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