Book Analysis: Enrique's Journey

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Enrique’s Journey Responses
Required Question: I believe that immigration is not good for migrants themselves, as there are many more negatives that they have to endure than positives. To get to the United States, migrants have to travel through extremely dangerous territory. Immigrants have the possibility of being kidnapped or being killed due to the drug violence. They can also be abducted from the tops of trains, robbed, or even murdered. Once immigrants finally get into the United States, they are treated extremely poorly. They must deal with racism and lower pay compared to their coworkers. However, possibly the biggest downside is the damage that is caused by the separation of children and their parents for many years. Children can
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When she was talking with Carmen, they began talking about children. Carmen explained how she had four children that she left in her home country. Nazario learned about how she was supporting her family, and that it was fairly common for migrant mothers to leave to do so. She was also able to talk with Minor, Carmen’s son, and his journey to the United States This causes her to want to learn more about the journey that migrant children take to find their mothers. She sets out to accomplish this goal by wanting to take the same journey that the children take. However, she makes sure that her plan is safe, and that she is never in danger during her adventure. She then finds a child named Enrique who was on his journey to find his mom. She then follows him and learns more about his story, fulfilling her goal. Her method of research is appropriate since she gets a hands-on view of what occurs during the journey. Rather than just researching about it, she makes sure that she truly understands what occurs by going on parts of the journey …show more content…
These include spending $11.9 billion a year on border enforcement and having five times as many border patrol agents than when they started in the 1990s. They have also walled off nearly 700 miles of the border to try and further prevent illegal immigrants from crossing. States have also attempted to pass laws that would make life for the immigrants so terrible that they would no longer want to stay in the US. These laws include making immigrants unable to rent an apartment, get a driver’s license, or secure a job. Gray areas include employment of immigrants, as the US both wants and does not want them. Employers want to hire immigrants because they can pay them less and save money. At the same time, the US has tried passing laws that allow employers to check the immigration status of job applicants to try and prevent them from receiving jobs, but this still just remains voluntary. When immigration observers say that the United States has a “schizophrenic immigration policy”, they mean that the US cannot decide whether it wants immigrants or not, and passes laws that both support and hurt them. Immigrants both help and harm the US, and the people of the United States have different opinions on what to do with illegal immigrants. Until we can decide what to do, we will pass both laws that encourage immigrants to come to the US and laws that discourage them from

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