Herodotus Character Analysis

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As the first to utilize "history," Herodotus merits Cicero's title, "father of history." no doubt, this child of affluent privileged folks did not have the basic demeanor toward his sources that would be the sign of the later antiquarian. Intriguing tales of the wars between the Greeks and the Persians discovered their way into his pages whether he could confirm them or not, but rather he does at times support and tag certain things as gossip. According to his citations, he more likely than not read generally. From the points of interest in his depictions and the remarks, for example, "this I saw," he more likely than not went to a large portion of the spots he specifies. The genuine enormity of Herodotus lies in the way that he was the first …show more content…
Later the Hellenes attacked the port of Tire and stole Europa, the lord's little girl. The wars really began, then again, when Croesus, whose eminent court was gone to by Solon, sought to develop his domain by overcoming a portion of the Ionian urban communities of Asia Minor. When he counseled the prophets, he was induced at Delphi to assemble his associates for an assault on the terrain. The intrusion brought about a stalemate, on the other hand, and Croesus came back to Lydia, where his capital, Sardis, was astounded and caught by the Persians. Just a rainstorm, sent by the divine beings, spared him as he was being smoldered to death. The same marvel influenced Cyrus to free his hostage subsequent to taking ownership of some of his vassal states. With them, Cyrus went ahead to catch Babylon. On the other hand, the Massagetae, under Queen Tomyris, were excessively solid in their resistance and procedure. Book 1 closes with the passing of Cyrus. Book 2 tells how Cambyses, the child of Cyrus, got to be top dog and wanted to walk against Egypt. Whatever is left of the book is a traveler's aide and history of Egypt from its beginnings to the crowning ritual of Amasis. Book 3 tells about Cambyses attack on Egypt and the defeat of Egyptian king psammetichus. It also talks about how Darius rose to power after Cambyses death. Book 4 talks about the history of Scythians, Darius attack on Scythia and it also gives the readers an idea about people of Libya from east to west. Book 5 talks about the attack on Thracians by megabazus, the freeing of Athens by Sparta and reorganization of Athenian tribes by Cleisthenes. Book 6 is about defeat of lonian fleet by Persians, the order of Darius that Greeks provide him earth and water. Book 7 is about death of darius and how xerxes 1 is chosen as darius successor and also the quarrel between Xerxes and Leonidas in which a small army

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