Enlightenment Ideas And The Declaration Of The United State Of America

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Enlightenment ideas were highly embodied in the declaration of United State Independence. The major enlightenment ideas highlighted that each and every citizen has the right to reason, autonomy, and the notion that all human beings are equal by nature. In addition, enlightenment ideas stated that the government and religion are separate. In this essay, I will highlight how the different enlightenment ideas were embodied in the declaration of Independence in the United State of America. Enlightenment ideas affected Independence Declaration in U.S Constitution in different ways. Some of them include:
Citizens in a country have rights of liberty, pursuit of happiness, and right of life. In this notion, government was supposed to protect its members from any form of humiliation for example, punishments and protection of their countries wealth. Government has to surrender several freedoms in order to protect its citizens. In addition, government has to take full responsibility in protection of its citizens. In regard to this, government was supposed to protect the natural rights of human being and that there was a high need to overthrow a government which did not protect its men (Harris & Daniel, 8).
Government was also supposed to protect its wealth from the rule of nobles. In this notion, the government was to abolish all nobility titles for the benefit of its citizens. The enlightenment idea was embodied in declaration of independence in U.S to protect the poor citizens from…

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