Essay Enlightenment And The French Revolution

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Thaqif Kamaruszaman Enlightenment and the French Revolution Marques
The fires of the revolution that swept the nation of France during the 18th century were fueled by Enlightenment ideas brought in by thinkers, coming from the recent Scientific Revolution, to France composed of various backgrounds. From the execution of a monarchy, to the creation of a monumental empire, the French Revolution was ravaged and fought on the ideas of freedom and justice for all. The people of France were playing with something that had never been seen in Europe, and the standard of how far a nation could go with Enlightenment was being set by them. Although the whole ideology of Enlightenment played a major part in establishing the revolution, some may question the relevance of it after the initial fires had burned out. The nation of France did not continue on with Liberty, Equality, and Fraternity that was so promised and abandoned it to let it drift away in the past. Instead, they practiced what they got from the Enlightenment Era that suited them best. In 1659, under the rule of King Louis XIV, the first French settlement on the island of Haiti was built. Followed through with the establishment of the French West India company to direct the incoming trade between the French Empire and the thirteen colonies, French Haiti presented itself to many opportunists as a converging point of much monetary value. By the mid-eighteenth century, Haiti had become a hotbed in the production of…

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