English in Globalization Essay

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Case study Bangladesh University of Professionals Department of Law Faculty of Security & Strategic Studies (FSSS) Submitted to: Khandakar Montasir Hassan Adjunct Faculty

Submitted by: Group: 3 Mahafuz Alam(19) Kaniz Fatema(25)
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Objective of the Study: * To identify the causes of failure in English at HSC level * To recommend solutions to solve the problems * To identify the differences of the English Education achievement between rural and urban area of Bangladesh * To find out the teachers demand to the government for improving the students English achievement at the higher secondary level

Research Question: Students find the grammar part and comprehension part very difficult due to some reasons, specially the comprehension part. In a comprehension, the students have to go through the whole paragraph n remember certain part to answer the question. It’s become very difficult for the students to remember the lines from the comprehension. So, they waste most of their time in reading the comprehension and answer the related questions. Again some of the students find the grammar part very difficult. As, they have to memorise the rules of various grammar items, it becomes very difficult for them to answer them. Again, the time limit is another big problem. The students have to complete their 1st paper in the 1st year and 2nd paper in the 2nd year. So, they don’t get a proper time to complete the course and have to appear at the examination. As a result, they just can’t passed the examination. The students can’t even get the moral support from their teachers. Instead of helping them, they keep shouting about their faults n flaws. Again, there

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