English Year 11 Essay

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There are as many types of power as there are people”
Is this true of the texts you have studied? In your response you should relate to your prescribed text (1984) and ONE related text.

Power can be defined as many types ranging from physical, psychological, love, status or government. With power comes great responsibility. If power is not controlled, negative consequences could be developed. This is noticeable through the 2 texts that have been analysed, George Orwell 1984 and Disney Pixar Film WALL E. In both these texts, countless types of power can be extracted whether it is being used for the good or bad. Power is Power, what you do with it is your decision. George Orwell novel is a social commentary of a dystopian future in
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* Orwell’s dismal comment of the inescapable power of those in higher authority & those who challenge it will fail....
Freedom of thought & speak (personal, individual who they are) as well as the manipulation of language ‘Newspeak’ aims at destructing and shortening words so emotion and thought crime is impossible. * “Don't you see that the whole aim of Newspeak is to narrow the range of thought? In the end we shall make thought crime literally impossible, because there will be no words in which to express it.” This exhibits dramatic irony as Syme is creating a dictionary which aims to reduce words to express ones thought, contradicting the purpose of a dictionary. Big Brother manipulates power to the extent of brainwash, revoking all rights of expression of the consitituents of society in which the upper class further gains complete control of Oceania.
Similarly, WALL E is a social commentary of a dystopian future as a result of over pollution on Earth. This results in the Human Race moving to space where robots are programmed to nurture the human’s. Reasons this becomes a form of technological power, due to the overdependence of robot’s which puts them in complete control of day to day human activity. The negative effect of this type of power

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