Essay on English Western Literature

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Sun Hwa Choi
English 3 Thursday Evening Class
Professor Humphrey
Due May 21, 2015

Essay 4: Development of Heroes (+Hamlet) The Heroes of the Greek and Rome poetries share few common uniqueness. They are heroic in that they all sacrifice, they are all intelligent, they all have their own faith or luck, they are all remembered or also known as Kleos and they all wander and deal with many problems. We have read many of them in this course such as Odysseus, Oedipus, Aeneas, Achilles and Beowulf. Then there is the great Hamlet who is not one of the Greek Heroes but a character from a play by William Shakespeare. Today in this essay, I want to compare some of the Greek poetry characters with the Prince Hamlet. First of all, I want to talk
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Both characters are also similar because both their fathers are dead before the story. Their fathers' names keep appearing throughout the story for these two characters to solve their way out. The main difference between the Greek Heroes and Hamlet is that all the characters from the Greek poetries are guided by the gods. Although it is each of the characters' responsibility to choose to be very dutiful and wise, at the end, many of the heroic characters from what we have read in this course had the gods in the back. The well known Hero, Odysseus who 'hits the mark' was a great wanderer. He earned Kleos through his journey and becoming more wise as he encountered many men. However, even though it was his personality and his intelligence, he always had few gods behind him to help him from other enemies. For example, he was helped by the god Athena all throughout his journey and till he returned to his kingdom Ithaca. The god Athena did so much good for Odysseus; caring and loving for him and helping him when he is in a sudden or dangerous situations. "So Odysseus buried himself in the leaves. And Athena sprinkled his eyes with sleep for quickest release from pain and fatigue" (Book 5 line 498), here when Odysseus went through a storm in the sea Athena did her best and Odysseus was saved because Athena begged Zeus to save Odysseus. In addition, another heroic character, Aeneas was always surrounded by the gods. He is actually

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