Essay about English Thesis

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What is Modern Technology? Is it relevance to use to have a better means of effective teaching? What are the possible outcomes of using this kind of technology? Modern Technology is an integral part of humans. People are seeking help from technology in order to accomplish tasks of any kind. Educational field has been accompanied by technology and has changed the pattern of learning and improved the standards of teaching. The old and outdated trend has been left far behind and people have adapted modern techniques with better chances and options to learn. People have utilized technology as a medium for learning. Technology plays an important role in the development of students
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In this study, they can know the relevance of adopting technology in advance learning of the students and teachers. They all know that technology plays a significant role in the educational field. In this study, we can learn the significance of technology in every students and teachers who are gain benefits in using it. It is relevance to study the use of technology in teaching and nobody can deny that it revolutionized education. The point is, the importance of this study is we can be familiar with the use of technology nowadays. Students and teachers who are able to use computers in their studying. How students appreciate technology in educational field and for those teachers who are developing their skills in using technology for their teaching strategies. Educators have dramatically adjusted their teaching methods in response to new technology over the years. The importance of technology is what we are looking for, that’s why we conduct this research for us to know the use and the role of technology in everyone’s life and in today’s generation especially in the field of education and for all the beneficiary of technology.

Scope and Limitation of Study The study was conducted among the students of Agus-os Elementary School who are enrolled for school year 2012-2013

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