English Speech- Away and to Kill a Mockingbird Essay

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Hi, teacher and fellow classmates. Today I will be talking about how a journey can have positive and negative impact on an individual. Journeys are not just limited to the process of physically travelling as an emotional journey can be seen in self-exploration and imaginative journeys can occur to transport an individual from reality into an unreal world. Michael Gow’s play script of Away, relates to the challenges, goals and discoveries which are achieved by the characters Tom, Coral and Gwen as they endure physical, emotional and imaginative journeys, whilst the film To Kill a Mockingbird, directed by Robert Mulligan in 1962 utilises the innocence of childhood to convey three personal journeys as demonstrated through characterisation and …show more content…
This endless suffering journey throughout the play as the mermaid can’t detach herself from her dead lover, just as in Coral’s actual life she can’t accept and abandon the memory of her dead son. Tom, as the sailor in the play, guides the mermaid on how to walk, just as in reality Tom’s acceptance of his own inevitable fatal demise demonstrates a reason as to why Coral should move on find closure. The character Tom also helps Gwen, as she went through an emotional journey overcoming the obstacle of prejudice and learning the fact how lucky they were comparing to Tom’s family.
The inner journey that demonstrated of overcoming the barrier was also demonstrated in the film ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’. The main protagonist Scout was shown in the process of overcoming prejudice through her self-maturation and understanding. Scout and the kids were scared as Miss Stephanie the neighbour told them about the unjustified assumptions of Arthur ‘Boo’ Radley, as she mentioned ‘there’s a maniac lives there and he’s dangerous’ and ‘he’s killin’ us all’, using the heavy tone as she warned them and also creating a dissonance for the children as they are horrified, in this scene Mulligan used the technique of close up shot to create a suspense and horrified image to the audience about the Radley’s. Throughout the film there was a scene where mulligan uses the voice

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