English, Science And Math Essay

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Throughout the course of history, English and various subjects have shaped the world we live in today. Many people believe that subjects such as English, Science and math have opened the door to the laws that govern the natural world. I am one of those strong advocates, but although everyone has this perception of English as a key that opens the door to many opportunities, to me, my freshman year, English was dreadful. In middle school they advised us that high school would be no child’s play, I came in freshmen year expecting a ridiculously hard teacher who would assign us strenuous work. Instead I met an affable teacher and although I revered my teacher for being amiable, I detested the fact we spent most of our time testing on SAT vocabulary, which I would forget two weeks later. After a couple of weeks we started reading a book that contained an immense amount of imagery and themes. I analyzed every line in hopes that he would assign us an essay, but instead I got a quiz. Deep down I was furious, I had put strenuous effort into that book. I had analyzed the themes it portrayed and took down innumerable notes. My whole life I have dreamt of attending excellent schools such as Georgetown, Princeton University, etc; but I felt that the only way I could reach those schools is if I became an excellent writer, took rigorous math and sciences courses, and wrote a superb college essay. Slowly, I felt as if that dream was fading as I was stuck in English 9 constantly learning…

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