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“Death in Everyman”
Research Paper
ENG102_D27: Literature
Fall D 2010
Peggy Jean English, ID#3591339
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Title: “Death in Everyman”
Thesis Statement: The message of death in Everyman is associated with the search of the reasoning of life.
Paragraph 1: Introduction and Thesis Statement Paragraphs 2-13: Explains the play, its characters, the author’s interpretation of the play, and the author’s perception of death and the treatment of death. Paragraph 14: Conclusion

This paper indentifies the perception of death and the treatment of death of the anonymously written play, Everyman. This play, written in the 15th century, is used as a spiritual message to man from God. The message of death in
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A very straightforward lesson is meant to be learned from this play, hints the realism in the characters. The play starts off with God asking Death to go to Everyman and relay the message that his time on Earth is up, due to his repetitive sinning. Since Death is God’s servant, he goes to
Everyman, as he was told to do. Scared of death, Everyman tries to bribe Death. Death does not tend to Everyman’s needs, but he does tell Everyman that he is allowed to bring on companion with him. Taken what I just wrote, the play Everyman, could be viewed as a modern day comedy. Think about it. Although this is a morality play, a man tries to find a companion to die with, after repeated denial from who were supposed to be his closes friends, or his best “traits”, he eventually comes around and comes to term with the facts though. The satire involved is through the way in which his supposed to be “closest friends” found excuse, after excuse, not to face Death with him. Though the meanings of the characters have left not room for interpretation, they definitely serve their purposes. The first character, or trait, that Everyman passes along his journey to death is Fellowship. Everyman pleads his case to Fellowship about how he needs him to do a favor for him. Fellowship responds that he would do anything for Everyman. However, when Fellowship discovers the favor, Fellowship takes back his previous

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