English Memoir : A Kid Essay

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English Memoir:
A kid in a corner (candy) store Ililli Ahmed
I like to think I lived every kid’s dream… I got to grow up in a candy store! Granted, it wasn’t just a candy store. It was officially called the “Active Corner store”, and it belonged to my parents Amira Siyo and Salah Ahmed. I am proud to say that it was created and owned by my two newly immigrated parents, Straight Outta Ethiopia, all in their first few months in Canada. So what, the location wasn’t ideal and the area was mostly dead? This was Canada in 1996! This is where dreams come true! This beautiful and opportunity filled land is where cotton sometimes falls from the sky (which my dad was absolutely convinced of until he was later told that the white stuff falling from the sky is called snow and that it cannot be spun into clothing)! Whatever my mom and dad had, they planned to make-work. Thus, the master plan was created. After years of long, grinding hours, rude customers and a lot of cash later, all that hard work and dedication finally paid off; the store was absolutely thriving. Stage 1 of their master plan was officially complete.
With all this cash rolling due to the store’s stability, my mom and dad were ready to move on to stage 2 of their plan, which involved starting a cute little Oromo family. Once my mom proudly declared that she was pregnant, half of stage 2 was accomplished (the other half came 4 years later when my sister was born). Nine morning…

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