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Bittersweet Love: Forces that Cause Love Relationship to Change for Better or Worst
Jazzmin Jones
Instructor Chunn
ENG 125
February 2015

Literature has been the foundation that develops the need to have conflicts that can creates inspiring pieces of ideas of how to overcome it or learn from it if it cannot be resolves. It express the hardships and struggles from the experiences of the writer that reader can establish connections or may acknowledge it as a worldly or personal crisis. In short story, “Country Lovers” by Nadine Gourdime and “Hills Like White Elephants” by Elswell Hemmingway, both centers around the conflict that involves the issues of forces that may threaten to end love relationships in way both couples didn't
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The drink also signify trouble in their relationship because Jig seem to be bother by it when she states “that's all we do—look at things and try new drinks” and refer to the drink “Anis del Toro” tasted like “licorse” that simbolize the sweet past and bitter present of their relationship that Jig seeks something new in their relationship like getting married or having a baby, like in their current sitiuation but the American seem to not want or is not ready for change. Jig began to jog her indecisiveness to either get the abortion that causing an impass between them or do what's right and simply accept her new unwanted gift. The American is being falsely supportive through the whole story, keep telling her that he would love her if she decides to do it or not, but then deject it thinking in her case it “perfectly simple” to get a abortion. Jig argues that even if she decides to get the opertion that “nothing will go back to normal”. Country Lovers revolves around the childhood romance of two people of difference races that turn into sexual curority in society where this display of action is deemed socially wrong. The setting of the story is around the time of post-Apartheid, which states the black and white are to remain to live unequal lives. “ something about the Apatheid through someone or the author herself”. Thus, Paulus always “told her, each time, when they would meet again” because they can't be seen

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