English Literature To Me Analysis

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English Literature To Me
“There is no friend as loyal as a book” Ya I too look at the books like Ernest Hemingway.
Right from the fairy tells to an auto biography and a Lullaby to an Epic they tell us something, something that no one will tell you ever. They take you in to the past and in to the future too and give you such an experience that you can gain only by living for thousands of years. They inculcate, they influence, and they imbibe about good and bad. They give us an insight vision of the life and its beauty and diversity. Be it poetry or prose, the sonnet or the novel, the sestina or the short story,
In short literatures made my Salvation !
The literature is a piece of art which creates life in words that appeal to our senses , perhaps literature means records of the human race, including all its history and sciences, as well as its poems and novels; in the narrower sense literature is the artistic record of life, Yes! My life has been influenced by
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I look at the Literatures like a boon for mankind. Love, faith, duty, friendship, freedom are the part of human life, they are the ideals of mankind which Literature preserves and pass it on generations to generations. Our whole civilization, our freedom, our progress, our homes, our religion, rest solidly upon literatures. It is therefore impossible to make it unnoticed the practical importance of literature. All the men, cities and civilizations will vanish from the face of the earth but Literature will remain there. Literature is the expression of life in words of truth and beauty; it is the written record of man 's spirit, of his thoughts, emotions, aspirations; it is the history, and the only history, of the human soul. Literature in all forms is everywhere in today’s society, this underlines its importance in our life, whether it is studied in the classroom or read for entertainment or for the

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