English Legal System Case Study

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The English Legal System

This assignment will look at the English legal system. It is fairly complex and

there is a hierarchy between civil courts and criminal courts. As far as the past

500 years the system has keep evolving, such as the law of precedent. In

order to complete the essay successfully, this essay will find out what is law

and how the law systems work in the country. It will attempt to understand the

difference between public law and private law and the difference between civil

and criminal law. It also will evaluate how the English court system work come

up with the difference hierarchy and compare the criminal court and civil court.

Then will find out the meaning of resolving conflicts and analyze the three
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The English Law: (Jones, 2015,p.7)

“Law is the body of rules and regulations which govern the activities of person

within a country.” (Jones,2015,p4) The law of each country is only binding

within its territory, which mean freedoms are not absolute. It is the system to

regulates the behavior of citizen. Law can be making by judge passing the

parliament but it is justice and fairness, it can protect the person and also

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