English Language Learners Struggle With Content Literacy Essay

951 Words Oct 3rd, 2016 4 Pages
English language learners struggle with content literacy. The frustration my English Language learners have with academic vocabulary led to my action research project. Vocabulary is an obvious area in which to focus my research because it emphasizes teaching the meanings of words and their elements. I chose math vocabulary because it seems to be the most difficult for them. There is so much more to math than just numbers. Most students tend to think that studying vocabulary is meant for other subjects, like reading and English. The Georgia Milestones Math portion is heavy laden with math vocabulary. Math vocabulary is important for students to understand when completing homework, taking test, and being successful on state assessments. Understanding math vocabulary is important to solve word problems. Word problems are important on the state assessments. I would like for my ELs to know how to interpret and attack the vocabulary in a word problem. Not only do I want them to know what a divisor is, but how to use the word when writing or talking about a division problem. For ELs, mathematical difficulties appear to be related to the language of the math task. (Alt, Arizmendi, Beal, 2014) In the past, math vocabulary has just been explained during the math lesson. It is important that ELs see each word in context. Using the glossary to look up the math vocabulary and writing the meaning does not help ELs understand math vocabulary. ELs must interact with the math…

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