English Language Learners : An Astounding Growth Of Learners From Diverse Linguistic And Cultural Backgrounds

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Literature Findings
In the last two decades, the United States has experienced an astounding growth in learners from diverse linguistic and cultural backgrounds. As of 2002-2003, there were more than 5 million English language learners in American public schools (Gottlieb, 2006). These changing demographics represent a growing number of diverse learners in the education system and the impact this has on teachers and school administrators.
A diverse learner refers to any school going child exposed to various linguistic and cultural backgrounds in their daily environment (Gottlieb, 2006). English language learners make up a portion of these learners and they are identified as having low levels of English proficiency that disqualifies them from instructional material that proficient English language speakers can process and acquire. Diverse learners need assessment to help in their placement, progress and promotion to the next level (Sears, 1998).
Assessment refers to the method that teachers use to identify the scope, pace and effectiveness of learning curriculum, instructions and standards. Teachers need to understand the concept of assessment in order to appropriately design and implement it in the classroom setting. According to Mazur & Doran (2010), good assessment has is connected to the learning process. The context and purpose of assessing diverse learners is different from that of proficient English language speakers. Assessment of English language learners is…

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