English Language For Native English Essay

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Who doesn’t want to have good English? For a non- native English speaker, it is the matter of pride and dignity. The person who has good English can express himself better and is treated as a better person and honored everywhere. Good English gives personality for non- native speaker. Being an international student in the U.S.A., English language for me is as indispensable as basic needs. However, for non-native English speaker, it is hard to understand native speakers. The way they use slang when they speak, I hardly understand them. For me as a native Nepali speaker, I feel comfortable using Nepali with my friends and in my country both formally and informally. Using English, I cannot express myself what I have in my mind the way I do when I communicate in Nepali.

Talking about my expertise in English, in my school (non-English public school), my teacher taught me English by translating it into my native language. I never used English to communicate with people when I was in Nepal. Nepali language is main communicating language there: at school, at public places, at banks, at police stations, at government offices. So, now it has become difficult for me to communicate with people here in the U.S.A. I cannot express my ideas, views openly in English. Sometimes, I feel difficult to understand some of the professors. However, I cannot question them since my English does not meet the standard. May be I have a fear of being exposed about my English language proficiency.…

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