English Language And Culture Expanding All Over The World Essay

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With the influence of English language and culture expanding all over the world, many people have strong views toward this trend. It is accepted that English plays a significant part for both society, and what’s more , a lot of attention is being drawn to the change of economy. However, whether the impact of English deserves such a concern , people have different ideas. And it leads considerable concern that it can produce positive effects in more than one way and it also can bring about negative impacts. In this essay, firstly, I will discuss how english impact the cultural diversity, and then I will examine the impact of English on economy. Thirdly, I will talk about English in advertising.

The spread of English can have an impact on the cultural diversity. In modern society, not only the ethnic identity and social cohesion be weakened, but also can degrade the quality and diversity of world culture. Because of English the cultural globalisation becomes more and more universal, as it brings the advantages there are also disadvantages, in the case of culture fuses in together and people are around values, they are easily lose faith in their own culture and proud, refused to accept their own cultural tradition. According to the research done by Mr Crystal “ The relationship between the global spread of English and its impact on other languages attracted increasing debate during the 1990s. The fact that it is possible to show a correlation between the rate of English…

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