Essay about English Is The Dominant International Language

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Will English still be the dominant International language in 2031?

International language is the language meant for communication between two people, who do not share same native language and belongs to the different nations. Large numbers of the people learn an international language as a second language. English is the 2nd most influential language in the world today. It is a world language because ¼ of the world’s population lived in places where English is the language of the state and commerce. The language researcher Gradol said, “English is past, and it’s sell-by date” (English seen as a co-star among global language pg 37), because people tend to learn and speak languages other than English. However, I think English is not going to be removed completely and will continue to learn by people as a second language. English will remain dominant language in 2031 because of the several reasons, such as it’s spoken by two most powerful nations U.K and U.S, English is the language of science and literature and its essential for global business development.
The first reason why English will be dominant international language in 2031 is because it’s widely spoken in U.K and U.S. English is the mother tongue of two most influential powerful nations, U.K and U.S. The United States is dominating from other counties in economics, military, fine arts, science, technical innovation, music industry, and theaters. This is why people migrate from different countries to the United…

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