Essay about English Is My Second Language

833 Words Dec 7th, 2015 4 Pages
English is my second language. I came to the United States when I was 14 years old. I wrote the essay for four years already, but I still have had the difficult time with it. My great year in high school is my junior. Luckily, I have mrs. Courey, who taught me good lessons about grammar. I learned how to write preposition words, corrected run-on sentences and wrote a clear thesis statement. As a result, whenever I wrote essay, I believed I would get a good grade. However, this year is my unsuccessful year in English. I feel disappointed because of my writing skill. Thank you to Mrs. Gard was patient whenever she read my essay. Grammar is a structure of languages, and it is very difficult with many foreigner students write it correctly. The most common errors in my essay are preposition words and transitional words. In addition. I also learn how to write a good research paper. First, the preposition words confuse many beginner writers. In “ Dogs and Cats” essay, I wrote, “ in Marine Corps, they have use as Bulldog, Doberman, or German Shepherd looking up the enemy’s location or weapon inside the house at the villains in Afghanistan or Iraq war.” In this sentence, I chose wrong preposition words such “looking up” and “the house at the villains”. Looking up means searching for something, and looking for means discovers something by you own. The word “at” means to stay inside the specific places, and “of” is belonging to someone. After I compared “ looking for”…

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