English Experience

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It was 13 years ago when we came to America and everything changed. It was only my parents, my two brother and me. Everyone else was still in the refugee camps in Somalia a week after our arrival my parents announced that I would be going to school. At the time I didn’t know what school was but I soon found out that it was something I didn’t like, plus school was very hard. My parents didn’t know english or the american culture. I didn’t have any guidance, I didn’t speak the language and I didn’t know anyone with previous experience.

Opening that door, finding different colored faces and not recognizing any of them was the beginning of my struggle. Walking up to me was the tall red haired lady with the small square glasses, her lips moved
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Everyday it was the same I would come to school stare at the lady, watch her make faces, point and sometimes clap. And then one day all that pointing and clapping started to make sense, I was beginning to understand what she was saying. Eventually as time passed I could complete whole sentences by myself. A year later I was able to speak English, even though it wasn’t perfect English I begin to teach my brothers everything I learned that …show more content…
Every night I would come home with a new piece of paper, at the top of the paper in big letters appeared the word “Homework”. Getting my homework done was difficult; I didn’t have anyone to help me with it. There wasn’t anyone in my house that spoke English, I a 2nd grade student was the most fluent English speaker. Weeks later I was transferred to a new class that was said to improve my skills. The English Language development (ELD) class was for students that needed to improve their reading and English skills.I didn’t like the fact that I needed to improve. Getting out of that class was all I could think about, it became my motivation. It took the rest of elementary school but I did it. I got out of the class, and was not one of those students anymore. Getting out of ELD meant homework was going to be a little

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