Essay about English Exam B

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Opgave 1

|Opgave 1 |
|Kathy WAKES UP to a thump upstairs, coming from one of the kids’ rooms. She LISTENS closely, praying silently for rest. Each |
|morning there was a delicate period, between six and six-thirty, when there was a chance, however remote, that they could steal |
|another ten or fifteen minutes of sleep. But now there was another thump, and the dog barked, and another thump followed. What |
|was happening in this house? Kathy LOOKS to her husband. He was staring at the ceiling. […] |
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Those who were caught were punished very harshly. There was no paid |
| |police force, as an example to others. So people had to look for the criminals themselves. |
|Text 2 |Sausage was born of necessity, namely as a way of persevering meat in times of plenty. The fact that I tasted |
| |good, meant that was a real keeper in the larder. Right next to cheese, wine, beer and dried staples such as |
| |raisin and lentils. |

Opgave 5

|Opgave 5 |
|A man with a shopping cart Filled with food and such. They have lots of money, since they can buy so much food. The expense of |
|food can be expensive. they are shopping for a annual event they are celebrating. There will be many people coming to their |
|event. Housekeeping in this family differs from other families. The

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