Reflection On English 101 Class

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Throughout this semester, I have had many challenges. From taking too many classes, along with working my very first job, to dropping two classes and barely passing the ones that I am still taking. Although the challenges did affect me and how my performance in English 102, that is not an excuse. I have been using my challenges as a crutch for too long. My mother always told me, "God comes first, then school and everything else will fall in line." I always heard her say it, but I never listened. In all honesty, I deserve an "F" or a "D" in English 102. The first essay the class had been assigned was the poetry assignment. I started the essay and never finished it. Although I had got help from the professor and understood the assignment better, I did not complete …show more content…
Instead of turning in the second essay on the due date, I turned the essay in late. Also, I did not proofread my essay at all. Most of the elements that should have been in my paper were not there. Along with it being late, the errors and information that was not there cost me an "A". I received a "D" for the paper. When I received my essay back all I could think is "Should I even be in this class?" My English 101 class was easy. The class felt like it was more for a high school student, rather than a college student. I knew that although I received an "A" in English 101 I did not learn all the content that I should have learned in that class, and it was verified in the first week of the class. As for the third essay that the class was assigned, the assignment was an argumentative essay like the second essay. I was drawn to this essay more than any other essay. I made a personal connection with the third essay, and it made me excited to do the paper. I started the paper three to four days before it was due. Then I had finished the paper a day or two before the essay was due. I turned the paper in on time. The day that the essay was due on. Then I received my paper back, and I saw that my

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