English Class And High School Essay

1177 Words Dec 12th, 2016 5 Pages
Ever since becoming a student, English has always been one of my least favorite subjects. As a kid, I despised the idea of grammar worksheets, vocabulary quizzes, essays, and all of the typical work you would tend to get in an English class. Throughout my middle school and high school years, I would always make very obvious and poor grammar mistakes, which resulted in me never grasping any sort of understanding for the concepts we learned or were taught. For example, the difference between a verb and adjective, or when to use a comma in a sentence. With several disappointing experiences in English class throughout my academic career, I had so little interest in English that it subsequently helped me fail some of my English classes. I secured many bad habits during this time of my life, such as writing my papers the night before, or not turn anything in at all.
When I first started high school, I became much less interested in English than I ever did before, which contributed to my poor English grades. At this point, I realized how losing interest in English class had also caused me to develop very bad habits in my other classes. In turn, I felt it was necessary to become a better English student, however, not because of the grades, but to grasp a better understanding for the concepts and ideas I never seemed to understand. I enrolled in various English classes, such as Advanced Composition and American Literature, and greatly improved my English skills as a writer and…

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