Essay about English As An International Language

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In today’s modern world, English can take many different forms. Through the process of globalization, English has become a more popular language than ever. In the article, “English as an International Language” by Sandra Lee McKAY, this topic is discussed at length. As the article shows, with English’s popularity comes an ever-growing demand for English Language abilities. This expansion has taken many forms and has both positive and negative effects on English Language Learners.
According to the article, English today consists of three major circles of use including native speakers, non-native speakers who have learned English as a second language, and non-native speakers who only use English as a foreign language in restricted settings. These three circles are known as the inner, outer, and expanding circles of English within the filed of Linguistics. The inner circle would include the USA. The outer circle would include India. The expanding circle would include China. Overtime, a country could change location within the three circles, probably moving closer to the inner circle. Because of the ever-growing use of English, it has become known as a Lingua Franca. A Lingua Franca is a contact language used between two people who do not share a common first language. In order to communicate, these people must use a language that they both know, even if nether speaker considers himself or herself to be proficient in the language. For example, a native Italian speaker and a…

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