English As A Second Language Essays

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Learning a foreign language can be one of the most interesting or most stressful undertaking that a person can have. There are numerous reasons why people learn a second or foreign language (Spada, 262). These reasons range from personal to business to profession. One of the widely learnt language is English. Many people who do not come from English speaking nations or who are not native English speakers themselves have taken an initiative to study the language for various reasons. Numerous arguments on the benefits and disadvantages of studying the language exist. This paper will look into the benefits that a person can have by studying English as a second language.
English language will open more opportunities
Over 50% of world nations have English as their national language. The implication is that for a person who has the capacity to speak, write and understand English, they are faced with numerous opportunities. Being able to speak in English allows the person to travel, interact and work in many places in the world. When you understand the language of the places that you visit across the globe, you will be able to integrate into their culture seamlessly and understand better how they live. It becomes an enriching experience. On the job and business perspective, the language allows you to be able to conduct business with multiple personalities in different nations. One is no longer limited to geographical locality on the kind of work they can do. English language is…

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