Essay English As A Influence On The English Language

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English is variously open to external influence. Since its birth, English has been in contact with the languages of very different people in Europe. Its linguistic system has become more analytical and prone to borrowing. English has borrowed much from Spanish. During the sixteenth century when Spain was a world power in conflict with the emerging British Empire was when the Spanish contribution had its first impact on the English language due to the cultural exchanges between England and Spain.
The suffixes or combining forms that betray Spanish origin include the prolific –teria of cafeteria and the –aroo and –eroo which appeared in American English in the 1930s by analogy with buckaroo and the coincidental support of kangaroo. Felix Rodriguez Gonzalez refers to –aroo as “parasitic” because “it lacks the ‘trans categorizing function which is proper of suffixes, for it is used simply to create amusing, slangy variations of whatever is infixed.”
This “slangy” character is also present in other American combining forms of recent creation such as –esta, which denotes extra fanfare (i.e., jubilesta [jubilee], Hallowesta [Halloween]) and el –o (common pattern among Spanish singular masculine nouns) which constitutes an amusing variation of whatever is infixed (el cheapo ‘cheap product’, el ropo, etc.) Still more recent is the incorporation of the Spanish suffix –ista to English word-stock. The agentive suffix –ist has a long tradition in English. Over time, the suffix has…

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