English 49 Reflective Essay

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English 49 has done a lot for me academically in becoming a better writer and studier. In my essays I’m sure you’ve probably found strengths as well as weaknesses. Some that need to be worked on and some that have improved since the beginning of the semester, with of course some being more defined than others. But I hope in all they show more improvement than the latter. All though my proof reading skill still needs a little work, I know I’ve improved quite a bit as a writer. One of the most significant things I got out of this class was how to cite in and after the essay as well as improving my grammar. Over all I personally think I’ve improved a lot. My strengths and weakness in my writing, most of the time spawns from how comfortable I am and how much I know about the subject. If I don’t feel comfortable about it, I tend to get off topic. This is why I’ve made it a point to become as familiar with the subjects as I can before write about it. For instance, when I was writing the first essay about traveling, I found myself doing so much research and studying the maps and local area I would be going through and how much and how long it would take …show more content…
When you are taking an English class center around writing, you naturally become comfortable and begin to improve on your writing in your essays you write and the more you write them the more things you realize you need to work on. For instance, one of the biggest struggles I’ve when writing at the beginning was my grammar. I found myself always making the same mistake, but the more I wrote and the more time I spent reading I found myself improving. Another thing I improved on, was my ability to cite a paper and put in essay citations. As the semester went on, Hogan gave us resources to help and teach us more in depth on how to cite and though that I was able to

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