English 125 : A Challenging Class Essay

894 Words Dec 19th, 2016 4 Pages
English 125 was a challenging class for me because it was so different from my English class in high school. Even though in my high school, I had to write essays about the book I have read, it was still different from this class because this is challenging and I have a lot of writing work to do. English 125 helped me to improve my writing skills and helped me to become a better writer.
My expectation about reading and writing coming into the course was a lot of paper works and readings. Since this class is English, I expected that it would be a challenging class because there is no easy English class. I also expected that there are lots of discussions since there are a lot of readings every week. I expected that we are going to write more than 10 pages of an essay because it focuses on the introduction to college writing.
Over the last few months, my expectations have been met because there is a lot of written works and essays to do. I just did not expect that there are journals for our reading in the contents and crafts every week. Journals really helped me to improve my writing skills and reading skills. It was a great task for the student like me to do journals every week on our readings because it helped me to improve, so that when I am going to do the essay I do not have to read again the readings. By reading what I did in journals, it was easier for me to do my essays because I already did the summary and what I learned from the reading.
For the journals, I met all…

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