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1. Describe the function of the following pieces of safety equipment and how each might be used: (10 points)

a. Eye Wash (2 points)

b. Fire blanket (2 points)

c. Shower (2 points)

d. Chemical Spill Kit (2 points)

e. Biological Spill Solution (2 points)

--Answer below:
a. Eye Wash: Can be used if there is a chemical that has been splashed into the eyes. Flush for 15-20 minutes.
b. Fire Blanket: To extinguish fires. How would you use this? (-1)
c. Shower: In case of a chemical spill or fire on your body. Stay in the water for at least 15-30 minutes.
d. Chemical Spill Kit: There are different spill kits for every type of chemical spill. For instance, you would use a different kit to clean up mercury versus an acid
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The other two will remain the same. The carnation with the bleach will actually stay alive longer than the carnation with plain tap water. The carnation with the red dye has changed from white to red. In conclusion, bleach will actually help the carnation stay alive longer than plain tap water and the red dye turns the carnation red.
This is not a controlled experiment but an observation. It does not have a question or a null hypothesis. It lacks any control group versus an experimental group and does not include any random sampling. The rat experiment above is an example of a controlled experiment. (-20)

.:7. a. What solution is used to clean biological spills (be specific)? (2 points)
b. Why is this different than solutions used for chemical spills? (3 points)

--Answer Below:

(-5) this information is found in the lab introduction.

.:8. List three things that one can do to protect oneself from contamination/injury in the laboratory. (6 points)

a. No eating or open food or drink containers while conducting experiments.
b. Keep hair tied back.
c. Wear glasses or goggles.

--Answer Below:


.:9. (Application) How might the information gained from this lab pertaining to the scientific method, safety, or measurement be useful to the student, or how can the student apply this knowledge to everyday life as a non-scientist? (20 points)

--Answer Below:
All information is useful in life. In one way or another

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