Reflective Essay: Writing Before English 101

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I really never liked writing before English 101. In high school my teachers never really had us write a whole bunch of papers. The most papers I had ever written in high school would of been about two papers each year. I hated writing papers in high school, I thought it was torture to have to write any paper no matter if the length of the paper was a page or five pages long. I have grown over the semester because of my thesis statements, Conclusion, and pre-writing/outline. I have developed better writing skills over the span of the semester for English 101. One thing that I have gotten better at is my thesis statements in my papers. In my learning essay I did not do so great on my thesis statement. For example, my thesis statement was …show more content…
I never did much pre-writing before my English 101 class this year. The most pre-writing I had ever done before English 101 would be writing down some ideas but it wasn’t very organized so it was hard to read. Pre-writing helps me a lot with developing my paper because it allowed me to get my different ideas down on paper so, I could see which ones were better than the other ones. It also helps me because doing pre-writing help me stay organized for my papers. After I put all of my ideas down then I start working on my outline. The outline helps me because it makes me half to think about where I’m going to put things in my paper. After I know where things are going to go in my paper, then the writing after that comes easy. Writing used to be hard for me in high school, but now since I learned how to do an outline writing has become a whole lot easier for me. For example, in the learning easy I did not do much of an outline because I thought it was a waste of time. I spent at the most fifteen minutes working on the outline for the learning essay. I soon learned that it was not a waste of time to do an outline because in my argumentative essay I did a lot of work on my outline. I spent more than an hour working on my outline and taking more time on it made the writing for the paper come a lot easier for me. The last thing I have developed in is my

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