English 101 Course Reflection

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In my few years learning intense reading and writing, I feel that this English 101 course will help me expand my skills. I hope to gain some good attributes for my writing and reading abilities. A few attributes I hope to learn are: composing more professional documents, writing a paper that will convey my whole idea, and how to purposely use imagining purposes to my full advantage to gain better attention from my audience as Sarah R. Stein mentions page five in the DK Handbook (2013). By working hard on these abilities, I can foresee how my end product will develop into a higher intense writing. As I browsed the DK Handbook my first impression of this course was the same as a high school class I took. This class was called college Prep Writing. For example, to get a better understanding of what was to be expected on a college level document, how to compose one, and using higher vocabulary in this high school class. As I read in the DK handbook, composing to learn method is what I was getting the concept of in the College Prep Writing class. I …show more content…
Not only is the student guide a great reference for information, it also has a list of references I can refer to. Therefore, the student guide, and course description will help me stay on track of what I am suppose to do for the class to achieve the highest grade possible for the portfolio. Given these points, I hope to expand my writing. As of now, I feel I can confidently identify my strengths and weaknesses as a writer. Some weaknesses I can improve on are: vocabulary, spelling, revising papers, and punctuation. Furth more, some strengths I see in my writing are: my ideas, being able to write down my thoughts right away, and not hesitating to ask for outside source input. Finally, I look forward for this upcoming semester and intensifying my writing

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