English 0099 : A Course Designed For Accompany English 1101 Essay

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Segue English 0099 is a course designed to accompany English 1101. The program is set up to help students develop and enhance their writing ability. This class was beneficial because it helped me in English 1101 and in my other courses. Segue allowed me to become a more confidant writer. I was informed of many resources that are provided by Georgia Gwinnet College (GGC) to help me improve my writing, such as the Academic Enhancement Center (AEC). Staying awake and participating in class allowed me to learn how to draft and prepare an essay before I start writing it. I was able to learn many helpful skills in Segue that will benefit me in the rest of my college carrier. Attending class every time it meets, brainstorming prior to writing a paper and going to the AEC are essential in succeeding in Segue English 0099.
Not only is it important to attend class every time it meets, it is also equally imperative to participate and ask questions in class. Each class meeting the professor would announce or reiterate information that students need to hear. The professor would especially make connections with the English 1101 course and students had clarification on what is expected. It is beneficial to be a Segue student because the instructor will tell students helpful tips that the other students in English 1101 did not get to hear. Throughout the Segue course, students take part in great discussions about a given topic. This was one of my favorite ways to learn in Segue.…

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