Engineering Ethics Essay examples

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One of the important and mass kinds of a professional etiquette is engineering ethics. As set of the norms regulating behavior of the engineer, it has started to be formed for a long time. Such as norms are included here: necessity to execute the work honestly; to create devices which would be useful for people and would not cause harm; responsibility for results of the professional work; definition of the form of relations (customs and the rules regulating the relations) of the engineer with other participants of process of creation and use technicians.
A number of such norms is fixed in legal documents, for example, in the laws concerning safety issues, intellectual property, the copyright. Some norms of professional work of engineers
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They participate in accreditation of universities; their representatives are included into the commissions confirming curriculums and courses, and also in boards of guardians.
The code of engineering ethics is developed by Engineering and Technology Committee; it includes following canons:
1. Engineers put safety as a highest value, while executing the professional duties, health and well-being of a society.
2. Engineers should perform works only within the competence.
3. Engineers should answer inquiries of the public only in the objective and truthful image.
4. Engineers in the professional area operate as devoted representatives or authorized representatives for each employer or the customer and should avoid interest conflicts.
5. Engineers should build the professional reputation on advantages of the service; they shouldn’t

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