Engineering Ethics in Practice: a Guide for Engineers Essay

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Engineering ethics in practice: a guide for engineers

Engineering ethics in practice: a guide for engineers

© The Royal Academy of Engineering ISBN 1-903496-73-X August 2011 Published by The Royal Academy of Engineering 3 Carlton House Terrace London SW1Y 5DG Tel: 020 7766 0600 Registered Charity Number: 293074 This is an abridged version of a full guide available online at:

1 2 Foreword and introduction Accuracy and rigour 2.1 Case study: Ensuring others are not misled 2.2. Further case studies Honesty and integrity 3.1 Case study: Preventing corruption 3.2 Further case studies Respect for life, law and public good 4.1 Case study: Health and safety 4.2 Further case
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By highlighting subtleties in some of the words and concepts, and challenges and obstacles that might get in the way of adhering to the SEP in a simple and straightforward manner, the descriptions and discussions contained in this guide will illuminate the SEP and provide the tools to make concrete ethical judgements in an effective way. The chapters will also describe the principles in more detail, and provide examples of ways in which they might become relevant in different areas of engineering. Chapters two to five are devoted to the four fundamental principles from the SEP as described above. Each chapter begins with a short discussion of the principle and how it applies to engineers. These introductions also include some very short descriptions of cases where the principle might come into play in different areas of professional engineering. After the introduction, each chapter gives an example case study relating to one aspect of the principle. It then gives details of other case studies relating to the principle, which are available in full in the online version of this guide. Each of these case studies have been drawn from real life situations, though details have been changed in some, either to maintain confidentiality or to make the case clearer in the way it highlights a particular issue (individual and company names have been changed in all cases).

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