Engineering At China 's Jilin University For Two Years Essay

1235 Words Nov 16th, 2016 5 Pages
From my perspective, excellent electrical engineers are a group of gifted and imaginative talents who bravely explore and innovate, change the world with passion and innovation. I have always dreamed of becoming an outstanding electronic engineer and making my due contribution to the development of electrical technology and human society. In order to fulfill this dream, I studied Electronic Information and Engineering at China 's Jilin University for two years. Because of my great academic performance in JLU, I gained a chance to study in Britain where I will get a bachelor degree as well. I was allowed to transfer to University of Manchester for further study, and managed to gain GPA of 4.0 at the University of Manchester. However during my undergraduate study, I found that there are two vital points for becoming a great engineer.

To become an outstanding engineer, first, a solid theoretical foundation and the ability of learning are necessary. I started to probe into the domain of electronic engineering from a professional point of view at Jilin University, which is a well-known university under the "Project 985". Attending Advanced Mathematics, Digital Analog Circuits, Signal Theory and other basic courses laid a sound groundwork for my in-depth exploration into the professional field. Apart from study, I also attached great importance to diverse research in the field of electronic engineering and actively expanded my knowledge. In the second semester of my sophomore…

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