Engineering And Automobile Industry For His Creations Of Ignition Systems, Electric Starters, And Car Lighting

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OD Initiatives
Well known in the engineering and automobile industry for his creations of ignition systems, electric starters, and car lighting, Charles F. Kettering – former Head of Research at General Motors famously stated, “A problem well-stated is a problem half-solved” (Barker & Harding, 1992). On the surface, engineering and Organization Development (OD) may appear to have nothing in common; after all engineering’s primary focus is on the design of components to develop and deliver tangible consumer products. Without the ability to walk into a store, onto a car lot, or click “buy now”, the work of OD is surprisingly similar to engineering. OD benefits greatly from identifying and understanding well-stated problems with a primary focus on designing solutions (rather than components) to develop and deliver solutions for resolving and achieving an organizations’ desired state (rather than consumer product). For the purposes of this paper, an OD problem will be stated, assessment methods of the problem determined, and program objectives to resolve the problem will be proposed. Additionally, interventions that can be implemented are explained, facilitators will be identified, estimated cost of the changes calculated, potential barriers identified, and how the evaluation of the initiatives will be conducted.
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