Engineering A Better Life? Essay

1393 Words Dec 12th, 2014 6 Pages
Alejandro Mendez
Professor Eduardo Astigarraga
Enc 1101
Engineering A Better Life It is common knowledge that throughout history humanity has been plagued by disease and illness. Humans have been at a constant struggle in the war against disease. Beginning in 1928 when Alexander Fleming discovered the first true anti biotic, humans have been fighting back against diseases using more and more advanced technology. Which brings us to modern times and the new science that promises to completely change the way we view and interact with disease, Bio-Engineering. Bio-Engineering in its most basic and literal form translates to "Engineering of Life". Bio-Engineering started to become known in mainstream media in the late 1960 's. Early research into the subject promised to cure many diseases, with the use of stem cell transplants. Although much research has been done in the field, development of medical interventions using Stem Cells has been slow. Due to the fact that the field is both extremely complex, and there has been controversy over Engineering with Embryonic Stem Cells (ESC 's). Although the field of Bio-Engineering is extremely diverse, encompassing far more than Embryonic Stem Cells, for the purpose of this document we will be making referencing the branch of Bio-Engineering in which Stem Cells are being used, as well as the benefits it may have when being applied to the medical field.

The first time the public light had been shined on stem cells, was…

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