Engels By Historical Materialism: The Contradiction In Capitalism

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Xiaoxi Chen Chen 1

Professor Cameron Johnston


24 November 2014

The Contradiction in Capitalism

Capitalism is the most productive economic system that ever exists. Its emergence

and development have brought an amazingly rapid increase in productivity. However,

the fact that cyclical capitalist economic crisis arises proves that capitalism does not

make sense because it has contradictions in it. In this article, I am going to provide

explanations about what Engels means by historical materialism, the fundamental

contradiction in capitalism and two other contradictions that arise from this

contradiction. And I will conclude by explaining Engels’ s anticipation of the eventual

outcome of the historical development of capitalism. My main argument is that the
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fundamental contradiction in capitalism is the contradiction between social production

and individual appropriation which leads to the contradiction between the systematic

organization of production inside factories and the disorganization of production

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